Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Family I love

love my family with my hold heart.
My love is Joy to love my family
Family is sad and happy and love.
Family is fun and painful and pretty.
My family is like all families we have
love and we have happiness and tears
I love my hold family
My family is like angels who fly in sky
I am grateful that I have family that loves me.
My family are kind and nice and fun to be around
My family is painful like all familys are and heart breaking and Evil sometimes
My family is heart breaking and deadly like everyone else
Hey I can't stop loving my family not matter what it coats in the family.
Way my family is just makes me want have family with someone be as good as they are.
But God know I love my family and our love is great to have in life and even know they leave he world they still a live in my hearts.

Kristina Riggs

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